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✔ The Impact of Untreated Hearing Loss on Cognitive Function and Memory  

✔ Frequently Asked Questions About Treatment of Hearing Loss  

✔ And Other Topics Including Audiology, Treatment Process, and Technology


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About the Author: Andrew Campbell

Andrew is a leader in hearing health care, certified in audiological sciences. He is a speaker, teacher, manager, philanthropist and innovator. His influence in the audiology industry stretches across the world with recognition and patient treatment.

 He was a founding member of one of the largest hearing health care groups in the country, the founder of Campbell Cosmetic Hearing, Neuaudio – Hearing & Brain Health the Gain Hearing Network, an organisation dedicated to supporting independent private practices in Australia. He is a member of the Australian College of Audiology. 

Furthermore, Andrew has been recognized multiple times as a leader in industry, integrity and entrepreneurship for his work in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the USA. 

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